Jewels in ferment 2012, premise

Gioielli in fermento Catalogo Premio Torre Fornello 2012


And here we are at the second edition of Jewels in …ferment.

This project is a jewellery exhibition held by the “Vigna delle Arti”, which for over ten years has been a showcase for artistic effervescence, a virtual and real place for  artists and designers, eclectic and young emerging individuals to meet and compare experiences, which  now proudly adds the Torre Fornello Award to its many qualities.

The diversity of the levels and techniques might be provocative: the call for entries was deliberately open and without an initial critical selection, it just imposed a deadline for participants. The resulting exhibition urges a dialogue between authors who have a broader professional curriculum and authors that are exploring their first steps in the jewellery sector.

Though today comforts us with the large number of participants: we find ourselves before a varied skyline, where the uniting theme is one that has moved marked feelings about nature connected to working in the vineyard, the transformation of grapes into wine, about the flavours that can be found in a glass of wine and the magic of the sensations they generate.

We invited jurors to evaluate all of this In assigning the two prizes of the Torre Fornello Award – Jewels in ferment 2012, we have invited the jurors to take various aspects into consideration:  the  relevance of the jewel  to the theme of telling the story of wine and the originality of the concept,  and the choice of materials and quality of the techniques used to create the piece, without neglecting the emotional impact and the portability of the piece of jewellery.

The critical eyes of the jury with their differing sensitivities to the factors under consideration could give rise to different motives for the assignment of the awards.

I really care about  this aspect, in relation to the dialogue it sets up between a fascinating artistic world which with its contemporary traits manages to culturally and emotionally involve the public  in order to encourage a physical encounter between the author (artist, goldsmith, designer) and the people who will wear their work, the jewel itself.

Thanks to the “Vigna delle Arti” for the space they have given to these intentions and energy.


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