Joya, a special issue

This year I went to Joya Barcelona with a new challenge. Firstly of course it was to bring the Gioielli in Fermento 2014 edition abroad, as it already happened successfully last summer exhibiting in Switzerland. And more, this time the matter has been to set the exhibition of our jewellery project in collaboration with a prime Italian brand in interior design, as Boffi is, renovating the support brightly offered by Torre Fornello, the OffJoya circuit and other partners of excellence main products in Mediterranean food tradition.
I cared about all the details of exhibition in a sort of a dreamt reality that came true revealing all its equilibrium right at the final moment. Until then I felt all the typical tensions of working at distance. The extreme quality of our counterparts made all this come true.

My goal was to offer an overview of these four years, so that not only the passionate and the followers of our project, but also the newbies and the critics could have a true report of what artists and their inspirations had generated until now.  (The whole book about the exhibiting artists and a list of the pieces for reservation, available in consultation onsite, until October 30).

What seems to work is this strong relationship between works and emotions stimulated by the popular theme characterizing the “Gioielli in Fermento” project and its related issues as we are used to suggest within each edition.
If they are craft works or art works, lots of words and theories could be spent, studying and researching… I would be glad if a school or master course tried to analyze our efforts.
The challenge is perhaps that of overcome a little of prejudice that could have origin both in jewellery artists and designers and in the ordinary audience ignoring the existence of some un-conventional jewellery: to both sides I wish to talk to referring to “another kind of jewellery” and make people react to it. And that is the worth  in my humble opinion, to have a less prejudiced approach in addition to all the interesting reflections raised from lectures and round tables we attended during this sixth exciting edition of Joya Art Jewellery Fair: a context open to multiple readings of the works of excellence and art.

So, how it was like? It is a bit early to make balances, I have confidence in the feedback at medium term distance, as little drops feed a growing plant.
Gioielli in Fermento #gallery starts from Off-Joya events to meet people outside the familiar environment of contemporary jewellery where each of us moves on our own steps, and the #gallery mode tries to express and fascinate a different audience. So please stay tuned, in a few weeks news about next edition upcoming.

Joya Art Jewellery Fair has been a wonderful and rich experience for all ones came to exhibit or visit, with the opportunity of meeting masters, collegues, students, galleries, editors from all over the world. You will find the best photogalleries and storytelling at the facebook pages of excellent reporters like Bijou contemporain, Mar de Color RosaKlimt02, Alliages, Current ObsessionThe Morning Bark, The Jewellery Activist, Popeye loves Olive, and many others all connected with Joya Barcelona, and all acting with the same goal: to spread contemporary and art jewellery.

Eliana Negroni. Joya, a special issue _Joya, una questione speciale




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