A seminar to open my mind

Charon Kransen Seminar in Italy - May 2015

Charon Kransen Seminar in Italy – May 2015

Last weekend has been really an adventure, even more… it has been a jump in my deep script.

Organising so intense a meeting, as a two-days residential seminar with Charon Kransen can be, this is the real jump!

I found myself so deeply involved in being both the engine and one of the seventeenth souls that made all this possible, being outside and inside at the same time, go back and forth from your dream and a working hypotesis …

Charon Kransen has been our Socrates for two involving days, passed in a while reflecting and expressing all our consideration and concerning on the not-solved aspects of our daily work. Some of us maybe more conscious, some other restless, Charon kept each one of us to reach his/her own measure starting from our own experience and feelings to lead to focus on our own timing, on our own level in re-writing the script …

For me this has represented a real start, like having traced a line after which all has to be re-thinked and designed on a convergent path.
It is hard to put everything together but in a certain way I reached that certain point of no return and it is time to face it off!

Charon Kransen Seminar in Italy - May 2015

Charon Kransen Seminar in Italy – May 2015

agc members and some collegues from Bogotà, Istanbul and Munich were attending the seminar, in a nice combination of committment, care, ease … hoping to work as well together again for future program

CKseminar_Torre Fornello May 2015_1000px

Dear collegues, how do You feel after this experience?



Una risposta a “A seminar to open my mind

  1. My name is Senay Akin. I travelled to Italy in order to attend “Re-writing your own script” workshop. It was rather a journey to my inner-self as well as journey to a favorite land. It was a very deep, intense yet joyful experience. One that you wouldn’t miss!


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