Competitions, deadline & co.

Competitions, registration entries, submission fees: endless considerations around the best way to organise a serious, valuable, worthy venture.

About minimum-and-maximum expectations, in a field of activity considered to be part of unnecessary, ephemeral, extremely subjective spherecontemporary jewellery.

The basic marketing theories warn it is a must to create the need so that its market will exist, while theories on artistic research close their eyes on any commercial ambition even if exclusive.

So what do we have to do? Those who practice or deal with arts and crafts“, how should they live? The applied arts developed precisely because they gained interest and become consumer’s goods of people that don’t fill their life with low-quality mass-production objects and give a value for something else”. The point is to find these potential fans, and mainly to report Your presence and Your activities, because unlike mass productions, here it is harder to reach the audience Your artwork is suited to.

A way to promote the activities in various areas is to enable contests, competitions or other open calls events (call for entries) which catalyze attention in relation to the potential of the organizers. They are supported by public institutions, schools and academies, and more often they are ventures of private nature, by foundations, trade associations, companies, often well motivated projects offered by more or less organized groups of the authors/designers/artists themselves who try to make up a way to gain attention for their works. Arts environments perhaps have never made this as a primary driving force as they did in recent decades, with an exponential multiplier effect for number of events and participants,  probably being ever less effective in terms of involvement of targeted audiences and concrete results.

Today, more than ever, everything is conditioned by economic resources available for these ventures until the paradox that regardless of the quality of the shown contents and works, competence of the experts involved, the public success is directly proportional to the financial investment employed, mostly in communication and public relations.
Whether it is a matter of diamonds or Parmesan cheese, with a glamoured image and a first-class press office, it will engage the audience the more sensitive to “wolf down Parmesan&diamonds (the “&” is not by chance!).

On the sidelines of these concernings the enthusiasts remain, the case in point is that of a pasionaria as the one blogging here, with essentially no means, with zero academic credits, with all-to-prove experience, who tireless try to go on with the only certainty to know deeply the reality of those who study, experiment, get stressed, build, dismantle, retry, process, finish, describe ..

I’ve been on the go for five years, coordinating a project that above all was to aggregate around topics, and after years widens its opening and involves new energy and interest.
About all the work done, the most boring and demeaning is the continuing struggle with the accounts that never come back ever, and if it is inherently difficult for each of us, yet affecting the development of a choral idea, it slows down even more.
With the fifth edition of the competition at the door, looking at how many resources are moving around an affaire such as Expo2015, it looks really absurd to patiently chasing expenses and requests for minimum amounts, but added together make the survival of this budget hopeless challenge.

#sowhatamIdoing (ma-chi-te-lo-fa-fare)

photo credit Michele Zanin 2014 Gioielli in Fermento

photo credit Michele Zanin 2014 Gioielli in Fermento

And to whom that uses to spend more words than things done and not even little offerings, once more I state this :

To organize at the best the admissions to selection, to involve a highly qualified jury Committee, to work on the communication and spreading of the program and topics covered in each edition, and last but not least follow with the utmost attention the arrival of all your informative material and finally care about the works to be submitted to the jury, all this means devoting time and actual resources for the success of this cultural effort.

It means to devote unlimited time and kilometers to our will to strengthen relations, in order to manage with responsibility the exhibition, trying as much as possible to make the aim of the project something real and meet the expectations of the participants. To move public attention, in a word, to let us be discovered. Because this is the feeling every time you come out openly: to have conquered the attention of our audience, driven them out.
Then I go on, until I find my energies and believe in this project like today, and besides if I think of the fantastic work of a multitude of colleagues to unveil, I will go on telling my satisfactions and my wrongs, and therefore I turn to designers, journalists, operators and industry enthusiasts saying:

The competition Gioielli in Fermento®  / Jewels in Ferment continues its constant development as a result of the enthusiasm of our small team. We believe in the infinite plurality of art jewellery and craft made jewellery, in their great potential and the need to spread  more culture and knowledge about the making of contemporary ornament, and Mediterranean jewellery.

To play Your role in this contest means to believe in our work as much as in Yours (please contact: :

ARTISTS / artists and designers, professional and students
Take part with the submission to the 2015 competition : with the registration fee, the artist will receive a copy of the Catalogue Gioielli in Fermento 2015, in any case, whether selected or not.

SCHOOLS and ACADEMIES / every course concerning with art, design, applyed arts
Take part advising or submitting for Your students to the 2015 competition : with a discounted registration fee, the student will receive a copy of the Catalogue Gioielli in Fermento 2015, in any case, whether selected or not.

Take part supporting our ventures, hosting our programs, getting Your customers involved with special events

Collaborate supporting each other ventures, coworking with synergic programming for a cultural aggregate source

All informations about the project are available to be part of Your media release

By the way…February 28th 2015 is the deadline !  



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